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By accessing or using the information, you agree to the terms of this agreement.Risk Disclosure YOU SHOULD CAREFULLY CONSIDER WHETHER YOUR FINANCIAL CONDITION PERMITS YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN A COMMODITY POOL. IN SO DOING, YOU SHOULD BE AWARE THAT FUTURES AND OPTION TRADING CAN QUICKLY LEAD TO LARGE LOSSES AS WELL AS GAINS. SUCH TRADING LOSSES CAN SHARPLY REDUCE THE NET ASSET VALUE OF THE POOL AND CONSEQUENTLY THE VALUE OF YOUR INTEREST IN THE POOL. IN ADDITION, RESTRICTIONS ON REDEMPTIONS MAY AFFECT YOUR ABILITY TO WITHDRAW YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE POOL. FURTHER, COMMODITY POOLS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSTANTIAL CHARGES FOR MANAGEMENT AND ADVISORY AND BROKERAGE FEES. IT MAY BE NECESSARY FOR THOSE POOLS THAT ARE SUBJECT TO THESE CHARGES TO MAKE SUBSTANTIAL TRADING PROFITS TO AVOID DEPLETION OR EXHAUSTION OF THEIR ASSETS. THE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT CONTAINS A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF THE PRINCIPAL RISK FACTORS, EACH EXPENSE TO BE CHARGED THIS POOL AND A STATEMENT OF THE AMOUNT, AS A PERCENTAGE RETURN AND DOLLAR AMOUNT, NECESSARY TO BREAK EVEN, THAT IS, TO RECOVER THE AMOUNT OF YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT. THE REGULATIONS OF THE COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION (“CFTC”) REQUIRE THAT PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS RECEIVE A DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT AT OR PRIOR TO THE TIME A SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT IS DELIVERED AND THAT CERTAIN RISK FACTORS BE HIGHLIGHTED. THIS BRIEF STATEMENT CANNOT DISCLOSE ALL OF THE RISKS AND OTHER FACTORS NECESSARY TO EVALUATE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS COMMODITY POOL. THEREFORE, YOU SHOULD PROCEED DIRECTLY TO THE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT AND STUDY IT CAREFULLY TO DETERMINE WHETHER SUCH TRADING IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU IN LIGHT OF YOUR FINANCIAL CONDITION. THE CFTC HAS NOT PASSED UPON THE MERITS OF PARTICIPATING IN THIS POOL NOR ON THE ADEQUACY OR ACCURACY OF THE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT.

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It is the Policy of BUCKLEY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC to keep confidential non-public personal information pertaining to each current and former client and or investor (i.e., information and records pertaining to personal background, investment objectives, financial situation, investment holdings, account numbers, account balances and the like) unless the BUCKLEY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC is:Previously authorized to disclose information to individuals and/or entities not affiliated with the investment advisor, including, but not limited to the client’s and or investor‘s other professional advisors and/or service providers (i.e., attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, broker/dealers, investment advisors, account custodians, and the like); or,Required to do so by judicial or regulatory process; or, Otherwise permitted to do so in accordance with the parameters of Regulation S-P. The disclosure of such information contained in any document completed by the client and or investor for processing and/or transmittal by the investment advisor, investment manager or related entity in order to facilitate the commencement, continuation, or termination of any business relationship between the client, investor and/or non-affiliated third party service provider (i.e., broker/dealer, investment advisor, account custodian, insurance company, and the like), including information contained in any document completed and/or executed by the client and/or investor for the investment advisor/investment manager or related entity (i.e., advisory agreement, client and/or investor information form, and the like), shall be deemed as having been automatically authorized by the client and/or investor with respect to the corresponding non-affiliated third party service provider. Each individual and/or entity affiliated with the investment advisor or investment manager or related entity is aware of the aforesaid privacy policy and has acknowledged his or her or its requirement to comply with same. In accordance with this privacy policy, each such affiliated individual and/or entity shall have access to information to the extent reasonably necessary for the performance of its service for the client and/or investor and to comply with regulatory procedures and requirements.